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    To request information on joining the pool, please email hartingfarmpool@gmail.com and complete the Harting Farm Pool Application.

    DRD Pools is responsible for the maintenance of the Harting Farm community pool for the 2015 season.

    For Residents and Pool Members

    Pool parties may occur during normal pool hours. If you are interested in having a party at the pool, contact the Pool coordinator by emailing hartingfarmpool@gmail.com. If the party is more than 15 people (or multiple parties are taking place at the same time), the Pool coordinator will contact DRD Pools. DRD Pools will determine the number of life guards needed during the time of the party. If more guards are needed than the number typically on staff, there will be a $24.50 per guard per hour fee. The tenant will need to write a check payable to HFA for these fees. In addition, the tenant will need to pay guest fees for each non-member guest. Guest fees are $2 per person.

    Hours of Operation / Swim Team

    The pool will open on Memorial Day beginning May 23, 2015.

  • Pool hours are: Monday - Friday 12 noon - 9 PM
  • Saturday, Sundays & Holidays 11 AM - 9 PM
  • The pool will close on Labor Day.

    Please note, during the school year the pool will be subject to lane closures for swim team practice from 4 - 7 PM. The following days will have delayed openings / closings:

  • June 15 - closed from 1 - 4:30 PM (Belvedere Elementary 5th grade party)
  • June 20 - open 1 - 5 PM only (swim meet & swim team party)
  • July 11 - open at 1 PM (swim meet)
  • July 18 - open at 1 PM (swim meet)
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  • Harting Farm Pool Assumption of Risk and Indemnification Agreement
  • Harting Farm Pool Rules & Hours
  • Harting Farm Pool Application